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Here we are providing you the solution for that by giving our proven ready made app & admin panel with unimaginable price and you can start selling it within couple of days / weeks depend on customization you do.

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  • Features : Take a look of our unique in next section.
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Texas Hold 'Em Poker
β‚Ή 12,00,000 β‚Ή 4,00,000
  • All included in this page.
  • Game Included : Texas Hold 'Em Poker
  • Platform :
  • Tech. : Unity 3D + NodeJS + MongoDb
  • Admin Panel : Included
    • Game round wise, Table wise, Player wise report
    • Daily, Monthly, Yearly report
    • Player's Each & Every movement stored.



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Less is the new more.

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Your Poker game can be live with in 7 days.

Payment Gateway

Our game provides secure Payment Gateway integration.

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We're dealing professionally, but providing friendly support.

Features like never before

Here are some features which has been provided by us which you should know, before you buy game from us

πŸ“ŒοΈ Overview πŸ“ŒοΈ

  • Game Play 5 PLAYERS can play game.
  • UNITY : This game is developed in Unity platform, so you will get Android, iOS, Website, Desktop, Blackberry, Amazon fire TV, and many versions in 1 cost.
  • Your Server : We'll upload on your server, you're the boss of your server.
  • Live & Realtime: Fully connected with Live Realtime.
  • Powerful Backend : admin panel has lot of features, where you can monitor each movement of players.
  • Customizable : Fully Customizable as per requirement, as it's made in UNITY so you don't need more developers to customize.

🎯 Table & Commission 🎯

  • You can set Custom Table Name, Commission Amount. from backend Admin Panel. You can change anytime without any notice to the user.
  • Commission : You can set any % of commission of table, suppose you choose 1%, then 1% commission deducted from winning amount, suppose user won Rs.1,000 then user will got Rs 990, and you will got Rs. 10.
  • Table name : Table name is new feature, this is useful for some non-technical users, They can easily joins their favorite table, where his friends are playing
  • Private Table : This option gives PASSWORD protected table, here some specific users can play who has password, like some reputed users, who don't want to play publically. also used for those, who are best friends and don't want other users to join in their table. (For creating password protected table, user wants to request admin)

πŸ‘‘ Admin Panel πŸ‘‘

  • Very easy to use Admin Panel.
  • Users Add Update & Delete users.
  • Tables :Manage commission and booting amount and all.
  • Transactions :Transactions done by users. at one single place.
  • History :We store Each & Every movement of the game. Report system is Table wise, Game wise, Player wise. Also it's Daily, Monthly, Yearly basis.
  • Add Remove Chips :Admin can add remove chips of any user . It will be reflact instantly
  • Admin earning History.

🎨 Extra Benefits 🎨 FREE

  • FREE High Quality Graphics : Ready to submit app, just need some configuration. You can use all graphics, which are used in this app source code Absolutely FREE.
  • FREE Website : We'll provide you promotional 1 page website too along with code Absolutely FREE.
  • Professional & Clean Code (6 year+ developers had coded.)

πŸ›‘οΈ Security πŸ›‘οΈ

  • JWT Advanced Security : All API calling in app and Admin panel are developed using JWT Advanced Security.
  • JWT is the most trustable & industry standard way of securely transmitting information between parties

πŸ“˜ Documentation πŸ“˜

  • Easy to understandable documentation


There are some Frequently Asked Questions about our game.

Yes, BuyFullCode provides you Fully customize solution. We develop any kind of game you provide as reference.
Some of the Common Poker Game we'd designed and developed
  • Texas hold'em Poker
Just 1 Day. Ya exactly, it will take just take 1 day to make live, if you have no customization then readymade features take only 1 day to make it live and playable for users.
We BuyFullCode, is a top-rated Poker game website and app development company that delivers end-to-end card gaming solutions globally.
To give an estimate, the average cost of developing a moderate complexity unity Poker Card game is 4,00,000 INR - 18,00,000 INR. It's totally depends on customization you need.
We develop a Poker game using the world-famous Unity Game Engine. For the backend, we use Node.JS and The database is maintained using MongoDB, and the server is AWS.
Yes, BuyFullCode provides you with continuous maintenance support for Poker game development. Even after the development, you can select for the monthly retention plan.
Poker games have a well-built audience. It’s a popular game that won’t register a downfall in the years to come. Also, poker game development is simple with minimal time to market. So, your investment will generate profitable returns in a short span. All these reasons justify developing a poker game from scratch.
To get started, you just need to Whatsapp on 7990706684 or call on 7990706684
We're Game Development company. We Just sell source code of games. There is no involvement of us in any kind of activities done by our clients after they buy our game. Read our Privacy Policy.

Advanced Technologies We Use For Development

Unity : Best Game Engine ever
NodeJS : Best Server side Language
MongoDB : One of the Powerfull Database
Socket.IO : Realtime Data in just miliseconds
AWS : 99.99% Uptime server
PHP : Easy to customize admin panel

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BuyFullCode | Buy readymade Source code of Poker Rummy 3Patti | 3Patti Rummy poker game cost
BuyFullCode | Buy readymade Source code of Poker Rummy 3Patti | 3Patti Rummy poker game cost
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BuyFullCode | Buy readymade Source code of Poker Rummy 3Patti | 3Patti Rummy poker game cost
BuyFullCode | Buy readymade Source code of Poker Rummy 3Patti | 3Patti Rummy poker game cost